Temperament of Pomapoos

The temperament of the Pomapoo can vary between that of a poodle or pomeranian. Pomeranians err on the side of somewhat aggressive, while the Poodle tends to be more calm and obedient. Pomerarians, and therefore pomapoos, can be noisy dogs; their inclination for barking means that pomapoos can make good guard dogs. In addition, Pomapoos are an intelligent, loving, and loyal. They love attention and are often eager to please. Pomapoos are usually very socialable. Itss personality can range from being outgoing and friendly (poodle qualities) to the more independent personality of the Pomeranian. If their social stimulation needs are not met, Pomapoos can easily get depressed. Pomapoos are companion dogs, and must live indoors with the family. They should not live outdoors.

Some pompous can be stubborn and take more patience to train, while others are quite eager to please. Positive reinforcement is the best way to train all dogs including the pomapoo, rather than harsh training that involves punishment.


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